We've teamed up with the University of Michigan for Usability Testing! Help us review tontachiAR from all angles, and Claim your special role within our…

December 2022

Quick Recap 🐽
+ Tontachi Racing is ready for you to test drive! 🏁🐖💨💨

November 2022

We’re still at it! Cooking up new Pig designs in the kitchen.. (technically that could mean we’re making bacon🥓, but as a disclaimer no pigs are harmed…

October 2022

We recently held an Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Matic News, revealing more about the past, present, and future of the Tontachi project. Topics include…
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September 2022

Start your pig-engines!

August 2022

TontachiAR is an Augmented Reality, Mobile, Blockchain game. We’re happy to release our official demo, discuss future racing gameplay, and announce the…
The Past, Present, and Future of digital Piggies and their friends..
This is The PinkPaper , a newsletter about A journey of cute pigs being a catalyst for Augmented Reality & Blockchain tech.